I Am Miss Bones: The Lyrics of Renee-Louise Carafice (ebook)

from Renee-Louise Carafice

“[These are] songs that reach deep inside you in a way you just don’t quite understand; it’s like they’ve always been there inside you and only now someone is pointing them out. You didn’t realize they’d been missing from your life, but it’s as if someone has just told you that you need air to survive, or that the ocean exists.” – The Sound of Butterflies.

Digital eBook of the complete lyrics of Renee-Louise Carafice: songs from the critically acclaimed albums "Renee-Louise Carafice Tells You To Fight", "I Will Raise A Bird Army" & "Power Animals".

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Renee-Louise Carafice Las Vegas, Nevada

Experimental pop songstress Renee-Louise Carafice kicks out songs like her life depends on it... and at some points in history her life literally has depended on it.
Radio New Zealand states that she is "terrific in both senses of the word: excellent, and a bit terrifying as well".
Renee-Louise lives in Las Vegas, Nevada where she raises birds and writes music in her bedroom.
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